This is an excellent course because it focuses on the very big issues like developing a shared vision that is truly focused on the right things. YET, it drills down to the details, providing tools for dealing with complex decision-making and records management. It is truly holistic. I’m trained as a planner, so understand the difficulty people have with formalizing the planning process. But believe me, spend the money and use the tools! Ross and I never get around to putting much on paper as we don’t have many enterprises to sort through, but it is good to know that we have the tools on the shelf ready to go. (Ross carries the little plastic card( testing questions) in his pocket everywhere he goes!

Battle Hill Farms Ltd which took the course in March 2011

Mary Simpson and Ross Snider, Glencoe, ON

Tourne-Sol co-operative farm has been in operation since the fall of 2004. We’ve always put an   emphasis on planning and financial management. This resulted in a small farm that financially supports 5 full-time farmers but it didn’t make 5 happy farmers. Not everyone thought their perspective was integrated into decision and it seemed we were trapped into the same course of action year after year.

We took a 6-day HM course in April 2011 and quickly saw the results of the course. We were suddenly able to consider new options to the same old problems, break through log jams that have hindered our enterprise since the beginning, and put aside the smaller concerns to focus on the bigger projects. Our planning and management since the course has been more optimistic and  enthusiastic and is resulting in a farm that is more profitable not only financially, but also ecologically and in terms of our quality of life.We recommend all farmers to go and take a HM course as soon as they can.

(Took course April 2011)

Daniel Brisebois from Tourne-Sol